Services for a New Entrepreneur

I am a New Entrepreneur who is looking at starting up my business.

Congratulations! and welcome to the world of new possibilities.
We give your brand a holistic personality and offer everything you may require to start off your new venture. After all first impressions last forever.

Here is a list of services you can choose from:

Brand Identity

We breathe personalities into brands through our unique Identity Designs.
The Visual Architecture we then build for your brand, ensures that the space it occupies is well crafted and defined.
We even give you an Identity Usage & Brand Manual if you please, to ensure your brand is always treated with the respect it deserves. Your first impression is our first priority.

Brand Communication

A brand design is as good as its brand communication. So whether it’s any form of
Print Communication: print-ads, brochures, posters etc. or Event Branding: collateral, dockets, standees & so on, you want to make sure your brand is representing exactly what you are,
A Perfectionist.

Product Packaging

We know sales are all about the ‘First Moment of Truth’ – the brand packaging.
So, this is where we make sure it counts. From the basic, core identity of the brand: Product Branding, its representation in visual: Pack Graphics, the Pack Architecture which defines the space between all design elements and imagery that translate across variants to the tangible packaging form: Pack Structure. We make sure that the packaging reflects the products essence through and through. So, let us gift wrap your brand the way your consumer would like to buy it.