We are the ‘Entrepreneur-Design-Experts’. So we make sure we constantly hone our knowledge, skills and other expertise in that very direction. Knowing that entrepreneurs love structure, we’ve put our thoughts down into the three areas that we feel are important when choosing a design partner.

Understanding the Entrepreneur’s Financial Needs

When you’re starting a business, we know how risk-averse you need to be with funds you’ve saved up and put aside or got through investors. Thus, the pricing policy at Bayo is designed to make sure that you are paying only when you are confident of spending on it.

Understanding the Entrepreneur’s Design Needs

How can we say we design for entrepreneurs, if our designs for them aren’t based in sound research? So apart from basics like the business or brand proposition, Bayo ensures it studies competition highlights and category trends to deliver truly insightful design routes to choose from.

People who know entrepreneurs, know that they are visionaries. At Bayo, we help entrepreneurs envision their brand holistically, in the media environment it will eventually breed in. This is done through simulation presentations that virtually bring the brand alive.

Understanding the Entrepreneur’s Psychological Needs

We know how passionate Entrepreneurs are about their brands and how much it means to them. For this very reason, we don’t create things at Bayo Design. That’s right! We co-create them! So the level of involvement at every step (if the client so wishes) is very high, ensuring the final design, is exactly how you imagined it would be.